About Us

Our Roots

How We Began to Grow

Over a decade ago, Paramount was first planted in Canberra where we slowly grew from a small local tree service in limited areas to now being a fully established company serving the Canberra-wide region.

Our founders were genuinely passionate about the crucial role trees had in our lives and believed it was essential that we provided them with proper professional care. Paramount appreciates that trees not only supplied our main source of oxygen but they also organically nurtured our soil and provided us with many incredible natural resources.

When trees are maintained properly they can be an astounding aesthetic asset to your home or office, however, if poorly treated, they can easily become a hazard to your property and those residing within it.

In response to these concerns, Paramount sought to gather a trusted team of arborists that were as passionate about caring for trees as our founders. Then through 10+ years of training, practical experience and thousands of successful projects, we’ve drastically grown from a small seed to a blossoming tree.

But don’t worry, we won’t stop growing there! We would love to continue flourishing as a business by achieving great things with you.


Our Branches

How We Continue To Grow

Paramount is highly dedicated to becoming Canberra’s number one tree service company, aiming to provide premium quality tree care that both ensures the safety of your home and our workers as well as the health and beauty of the natural environment.

As a leading service in the arboriculture industry, Paramount intends to have the right people, with the right skills equipped with the right tools for any project. Whether your tree removal requires intensive climbing or your shrubs just need precision trimming, we’ve got you covered.

Tree services may require various specialised equipment and certified arborists, but we don’t want to make tree care a luxury. We want to make it a necessity. So, Paramount aims to make our prices as fair and affordable as possible without compromising quality.

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